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Unique concept, become the first one to open an Arkay Social Cafe in your city.

The concept of ArKay social café is to offer several atmospheres and corners under one roof

Full size wet bar for Non Alcoholic cocktails and  beers
Lounge section with TV , Wi-Fi , low tables
Non Alcoholic Cocktails
Non Alcoholic Beers
Food section for snacks
Ice Cream Parlor & Bakery
Coffee corner

Our Preferred Customers


Young Professionals

Business Peoples

ArKay is perfect for students because it is a very economic proposition

ArKay is for everyone and can be consumed at any time

ArKay Suggested retail prices are following the industry standards, the ones you will find in regular cafes and this makes it attractive to students.

Full size wet BAR

Wet bar and Beer section

This is the pillar of ArKay social café, it is the largest area in the social café where at least 12 peoples can form a line to place their order, customer place order and bring his food or drink to his table.

Suggestions for ArKay Social Café floor plan and furniture

Typical floor plan
ArKay Corner

Furniture and Decoration

All the food ingredients may be purchased locally according to ArKay standards and code, usually ArKay adapts itself to existing location.

Examples of Lounge section with TV , Wi-Fi

All music sound track and TV channels will be determined in accordance to local culture

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Arkay non-alcoholic liquors are for EVERYONE and can be enjoyed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE , they are not regulated by any liquor boards or TTB.

We ship daily by UPS ground to hundreds of liquor stores, grocery stores, restaurants and bars across the USA.

ArKay Alcohol Free Liquor collection





Pina Colada


Orange Napoleon





Coffee liquor


Blue Curaçao


Arkay Cocktails

Cocktails- Mocktails solely flavored with ArKay drinks and others ingredients such as cola, sparkling water, orange juice purchased locally in your country.

Arkay Alcohol Free Section

Zero Alcohol – Zero Sugar – Zero Carb – Gluten Free – Friendly Veggies

Food menu- All ingredients Purchased locally  according to local taste and culture of your  country. Only cold food is served at ArKay Café A microwave will be available to heat croissant, sandwiches, pizza, and more.

Bakery Purchased locally according to local taste and culture of your country

Grinded Coffee may be purchased locally according to recipes flavored on premises with ArKay drinks

Arkay allows you to do good to others while making money

Non-alcoholic liquors let you live the lifestyle without the potentially life-ending consequences. And truly, you won’t be missing much – except a hangover – with as many non-alcoholic options that Arkay offers. They sell non-alcoholic versions of every type of whiskey known to man, a number of rums, gin, vodka, brandy, coffee liquor, Irish cream, piña colada, and everything else you need to make those fruity drinks I like. Just don’t forget the cherry and pineapple wedge.
Drunk-driving crashes claim more than 10,000 lives per year.

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