May 21, 2017

Questions about Opening a Social Cafe?

What can you do for me?

With our assistance, you can begin your new venture from a position of strength and experience. We’ll show you how to social cafe concept by consulting on a location, helping with your business plan, showing you how to set up an efficient system, providing POS materials and being your source of award winning products, quality shop supplies, proven, comprehensive training and time-tested equipment. You’ll not only have someone to answer your questions, you’ll avoid the most common pitfalls while still remaining independent. All of which makes opening an ArKay social cafe so much easier.

Is ArKay a Social Cafe franchise?

No. a franchise charges you a fee (often a huge fee) just for the right to purchase their products and equipment. Then they dictate your name, your environment and your attitude. ARKAY shows you how to open a Social Cafe and provides everything a franchise does and more—but without the franchise fees, royalties and restrictions on what is, after all, your business. ArKay Social Cafe is an affordable and flexible alternative to Social Cafe franchises.

Hmmm. What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. We tell you everything that’s expected, up front. No surprises. You will have to purchase your ArKay products from us. So here’s what you need to know: In order to work with us, you must agree to follow our proven Seven Steps to Success process. If you do that, with the right equipment, plus superior products, plus extensive free training, plus free overall planning, you will avoid the costly mistakes typical when opening a Social Cafe What’s more, you will have the best chance of success; a heck of a lot better than the statistics when you try to do it alone. And, since 50% of small businesses fail within the first three years, that’s no small thing.

Ok, but you want me to use your products and equipment.

Actually, no. We want to make a fair living, just as you do. But we also believe in mutual success: if you succeed, we succeed. We work with many customers worldwide and none of them would continue to work with us if we provided inferior products, overpriced equipment, or ineffective training. We want to be with you for years, not just during the few months when you’re first opening a . Social Cafe The best way to do that is to help you prosper. It really is that simple.

I’ve heard that most places give you a couple of hours training on equipment. Isn’t that enough?

Not at all. Over the years, we’ve discovered some really helpful things about running a . Social Cafe So we spend several days on site with you, helping you train and get ready for that all-important opening day. It’s in our best interests to help you succeed, which is why there’s no charge for training. What’s more, we’ll be back periodically with more tips and techniques.

Okay, but what about your products. Are they any good?

Yes! In fact, we think they’re the best in the business. In blending contests and blind taste tests, ArKay consistently takes top honors,. We provide a complete line of products, including alcohol free liquors, N/A beers, N/A cocktails , smoothies, syrups, and, of course, coffee and tea blends and snacks.

No offense… but why the heck are you doing this?

We love small business. We think it builds communities in a way that big, cookie cutter business structures can’t. We even have a word for it. We call it “community.” It stands for how small business can really make a difference at the local level. And recognizes that being part of a community can be the most rewarding part of independent business ownership. Want to learn more? Then, read about some of Social Cafe’s community efforts at our local level! And Be part of a social responsible company.

Will I have to sign an agreement for one, two, three or more years?

Yes. We want to stay on top of our business. That means we must keep giving you more and better reasons to stay with us. Our feet are to the fire. And that’s the way we wanted it from the beginning.

What’s the next step in learning how to start a ArKay Social Cafe?

Make sure a Social Cafe s right for you. Then, if you think you’re ready to proceed, give us a call. We’ll go from there. By the way, if you decide not to work with us after thinking about it, we respect your decision. Arkay is not into high pressure sales. In fact, we have been known to turn potential customers away if the relationship doesn’t seem like a good fit.

For many people, opening an independent Social Cafe is a decision made from the heart rather than the head. We’re all for heart. But make sure your head gets a vote, too.